Do all the knobs and stuff work?

The radio doesn’t function like it once did. There are new electronics added inside that let you stream music through Bluetooth. This allows you to get the look, with the sound at a much lower price point than radios that do function on all levels.

If I buy a radio can I get it restored later?

Yes totally! When I can I make sure to keep all the original parts inside. Due to the age of the radios though most of the time the original electronics are in rough shape and need to be replaced. This can be expensive and dangerous so make sure to have a professional do it. I do not restore old radios at this point, but its something I might pursue in the future!

How do I connect to Bluetooth?

When you plug the radio in its Bluetooth feature is “always ON”. Its always broadcasting looking or your connection. Simply turn your Bluetooth on your device and connect when the ID pops up. Due to different size radios, ill use different electronics so the Bluetooth ID is different for a lot of radios. When you receive your radio it will let you know what the ID is too look for.

What type of condition are the radios in?

Generally Ill seek out radios that are in good condition for their age. If there are any cracks or missing pieces ill take pictures and it will be in the description. If I have a radio that has a large crack or missing piece, its because the coolness factor of the radio outweighs the blemish. I wont really sell radios that are missing knobs or parts that attribute to its original design. I want them to look like they did 50-70 years ago. Sometimes I will have to replace the back plate though, which is usually thin MDF or plywood routered out to the shape of the radio. You wont see it from the front or sides.

How often do you post new radios?

Depends on how fast I can find them. I’m shooting for 1-2 per week!